Walmart Shoppers Gone Wild

That Hair Though

We’re just as amazed as you are. There’s no way these dreadlocks didn’t make it into the Guinness World Book of Records for the world’s longest and thickest dreads. If not, the titleholder may have some serious competition. This style of hair has become more mainstream over the years.

There are not typically the most hygienic, but if you maintain them well, they can look pretty cool. It must have taken this person a lot of time and dedication to grow their dreads this long. To be honest, we used to seeing a bunch of dreadlocks at once, not just one big, humungous deadlock all alone by itself.

Scorching Hot

Summers in the south can be quite hot and dreadful even for those who were born and raised there. Those who are used to it however don’t always use sunscreen and run the risk of developing terrible sunburn like the person in this photo.

We’d like to give you a friendly reminder to always use sunscreen when going out in the sun. We can only hope this person was shopping for some aloe to relieve some of the pain she is probably feeling. At the end of the day, you need to dress the way you feel like it. As long as you’re comfortable, who are we to judge?

A True Fairytale

This man has taken his unique style to a whole new level with this look. You may be wondering what would possess someone to attach a fox tail to a regular pair of blue jeans and leave their house. We’re not so sure, but we admire his originality.

It takes a lot of courage to wear something out of the box in public. There is also the unlikely scenario where this guys parents happen to be a human and a raccoon who ended up doing the interspecies cha-cha. But the most likely case is what we previously mentioned. Prosthetic tail it is.

Little Red Riding Hood

It is so important to be your raw and authentic self because remember, there is only one you out there! We give major props to this guy for going out in public dressed like this despite what people were probably thinking and whispering about him.

He was clearly going for a more feminine look and we can not say he didn’t pull it off. We admire that this man doesn’t care what others think of him. There is also the chance that he just watched way too many episodes of “The Handmaid’s Tale.” More people should be like this guy!

Lizard Love

We are all too familiar with the feeling we get when we are about to leave the house and our pets give us the, “please don’t leave me” look. They are just so needy! Some people just can’t leave without their pets. It’s obvious with this woman who decided she couldn’t leave her reptile friend at home while she did some shopping.Seeing him attached to her head we could assume that he maybe suffers from bouts of separation anxiety. While he may be cute and intriguing to some shoppers, there’s no doubt that he was absolutely terrifying to others.

A New Kind of Conga

Have you entered Walmart, saw those electric carts plugged into the wall, and just wanted to take one and have some fun around the store? These women decided to do exactly that. It seems like they decided to make the most of their vehicles and start some kind of supermarket conga.

To make things more exciting, they made an electric cart line. While we all must remember that these electric carts are put there for a purpose and that purpose is so they can be used by those who are disabled. With that being said, we can’t help but be a little jealous of these Walmart shenanigans.

Pushy Child

Is this for punishment or just for fun? Take a look at this child pushing his mom in a shopping cart with her baby. We aren’t one to judge the parenting decisions of others, but we can’t help but question the reasoning behind this.

On one hand, the child may have insisted that the roles reverse, and he pushes his mom around the store. Or, this could just be some questionable parenting. We’ll leave this one up to you guys to decide for yourself. As a parent, it can’t just be you doing all the heavy lifting. Your kids needs to learn to take on responsibilities from time to time.


This one made us laugh, but we also found it to be somewhat creative as well. We can’t decide if this was a joke or if this person was really trying to deceive others into believing she was wearing an authentic pair of UGGS. We know how expensive designer brands can be, so we don’t judge her for pulling this creative little stunt.

She definitely isn’t fooling anyone, but we give her props for trying. Let’s face it, the concept of fashion is such a weird one, especially when people will dish out so much money just because their chosen item of clothing has a recognized label on it. Who cares?

Creative and Classy

We aren’t really sure what type of look this guy was going for, but either way, he’s got it all wrong. A trend everyone has had trouble understanding is the look where men wear jeans low enough that their underwear is hanging out. Sometimes though, it just goes way too far.

One may ask if guys like this one own belts, and we’re asking the same question. Here’s a picture of a guy with his extremely long shirt tucked into his gym shorts. Someone thought it was embarrassing enough that they had to take a picture and share it online.

A Twist of Fate

We would both be lying if we said we never questioned the people who ride around in those electric shopping carts. Of course, people have used them for reasons other than their intended purpose. We actually like it when people are economical with their tools and figure out new ways to use them.

Take a look at this photo because we can not help but laugh. How many of you have stumbled across situations like this one here? If this woman was trying to convince people that she was disabled, she definitely was not doing a good job. Whatever helps, we guess.

A Rat Tail?

Hair and fashion trends have come and gone over the years. Sometimes we may look back and seriously question how certain hair trends were ever a trend at all. This guy has a look going that is never going to be popular in our opinion.

We ca not be sure if this is an intentional hair ‘do, or if he is trying to hold on to the last bit of hair he has left. While many would have resorted to a hat with hair looking like this, we admire him for his confidence to go out in public like this.

Someone Call Nike!

This is something you don’t see every day. Instead of throwing out a pair of shoes and getting a new pair, this woman decided to turn her sneakers into what we’d like to call sneaker sandals. Or as we like to call them: “Snandals.” Yeah, it doesn’t really roll off the tongue so well, does it?

Creative? Yes. Sustainable? Definitely. Brave? Indeed. Do we think we will ever be caught dead wearing these? Not if our cold, deceased body has anything to do about it. We respect the effort to think outside the box. But this time dude, you failed on all fronts.

Puppy Love

Listen, it’s not just humans who can be seen behaving like animals in Walmart. This can also apply to members of the canine family. Exhibit A. If you found yourself walking past this shopping cart, there’s no way you wouldn’t find this completely adorable. Everyone loves a puppy, but what do people love more than a puppy? Multiple puppies!

It’s obvious that these pups were happy to come along for the shopping trip. This lady acted responsibly by keeping her cute four-legged friends in her cart while she did her shopping instead of letting them roam freely through the aisles.

Meat & Greet

Some people work incredibly difficult hours so if they find the time to sit back and relax, they will take it whenever, wherever. This woman was at that point of needing a break and she saw Walmart as the perfect opportunity to take it.

What we’re still struggling with here is her decision to cover herself with meat inside the fridge. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own decisions and preferences but this one is just exceptionally bizarre. Look, we love meat as much as the next person, but we don’t love it enough to pick it up after a human being slept on it.

You Saw Who?! At the Supermarket?!

Michael Jackson is that you? If you were walking past this guy you just might think he had been resurrected. Then you may be wondering what the heck would Michael Jackson be doing in Walmart. Surely he would still be rich enough to shop elsewhere.

We hate to break the news to you but it isn’t the late singer, just a crazy lookalike. We started to wonder if this guy impersonates the King of Pop for a living and was just passing through after one of his appearances. Either way, we’re glad someone was able to snap a shot of this guy.


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