31 Daily Life Hacks Everyone Need

Never Spill While Boiling Water Again

If you spend enough time in the kitchen, you will end up familiarizing yourself with cooking on the stovetop. Stovetop cooking can be a great way to throw together a quick meal. Unfortunately, if you get distracted while boiling your water you can end up with a mess on your hands!

To limit your exposure to messy spills from water boiling over, get in the habit of keeping a wooden spoon handy! When you step away from your boiling water, merely lay the spoon across the top of the pot. The spoon will prevent the water from overflowing while you work on other parts of your meal!

The Newest Innovation In Security

Crime is going up just about everywhere, so it’s important to have security cameras. Some of the barriers I have faced with security cameras are they are expensive, some require monthly plans, usually a hard or complicated installation i.e. having to hardwire the cameras or stick them up and having them fall down a lot, and frequent dead batteries.

The Keilini LightBulb Security camera is one product that took care of all my previous security camera issues. It’s super easy to install – just screw it into any standard light bulb plug. Keilini LightBulb generates power from the already wired lightbulb socket, so no dead batteries. It’s affordable and has all the features of other security cameras – bright light, pan/tilt/zoom, 360-degree rotation, two-way audio, alarm feature, and full-color night vision.

The app for Keilini security camera is available for both Android and iPhone. It’s super easy to use and is so sleek. They are currently offering 50% off through this link.

Transport Hanging Clothes With Ease

Moving can be one of the most exciting and irritating aspects of life. While it is enjoyable to get settled into a new home, physically moving all of your things there can end up being quite a headache. One of the biggest headaches that we’ve run into during moves is handling our hanging clothing.

To quickly transfer your clothing from one closet to the next, you can utilize garbage bags. No, we aren’t saying that your fashion sense is terrible. Instead, we are suggesting that you use a garbage bag to wrap all of your clothing while your clothing is still on the hangar.

Who knew moving clothing could be so easy?

Stop Sleeping in a Cluster of Gross Bacteria With These Germ Destroying Sheets

Did you know that sheets that haven’t been washed in one week have 3 million particles of bacteria per square inch? That’s 17,442 more then a toilet seat. Your sheets are literally crawling and saturated with bacteria and germs.

And where do you think this swamp of bacteria is going when you lay down? That’s right, it’s seeping into your skin and you’re breathing them in all night when you sleep.

It you are throughly grossed out (you should be), then you should consider sheets that use silver ions to kill bacteria. Miracle Sheets is one of the best reviewed brands that contains these bacteria destroying ions. These sheets kill 99.9% of bacteria, are temperature regulating and are super soft.

Miracle sheets are made of all-natural silver that kills bacteria by connecting to the bacteria through positive charge ions and then destroys the bacteria from the inside-out before they can reproduce. Basic sheets are a breeding ground for dust and bacteria, but Miracle Sheets stops bacteria in its tracks.

I love when I can put hygienic and luxury in the same sentence and these sheets earned both those words. Killing the bacteria makes Miracle Sheets:

  • Better for your skin (no bacteria clogging up your pores causing breakouts)
  • Reduce the risk for fungal and bacterial infections (dirty sheets can cause jock itch or worse)
  • Cleaner (less laundry)
  • Odor Free
  • Low Maintenance

And on top of that Miracle Sheets are:

  • so so soft and comfortable
  • cooling and moisture-wicking

Try Miracle Sheets risk-free and we’ll even throw in a discount. Here’s to happy, cool, and clean nights.

Clean Your Headlights With Crest

Everybody knows that it is dangerous to drive at night. From poor visibility to natural fatigue, it can be a dangerous experience to drive down the road after dark. If you haven’t replaced your headlight covers in a while, they may have begun to yellow and discolor. Discolored headlights can lower your visibility, thus increasing your exposure to potential danger.

If you want to get your headlights back to their brightest, consider applying a layer of Crest toothpaste to your plastic headlight covers. Polish the toothpaste before wiping it away with a rag to reveal the sparkling surface underneath.

Get Huge Energy Bill Savings with this Revolutionary Device

In an era where innovation meets practicality, StopWatt emerges as an astonishing life hack that promises to revolutionize the way we think about electricity consumption. This ingenious device not only tackles the persistent issue of dirty electricity that harms both our health and electronic devices but also proves to be a game-changer for reducing extremely high energy bills. By stabilizing your home’s electrical current and eliminating harmful dirty electricity through its patent-pending technology, StopWatt brings a breath of fresh air to the power landscape.

What sets StopWatt apart is its remarkable ability to significantly cut electrical bills in half, presenting a simple yet profound solution to modern energy challenges. By optimizing energy flow and mitigating wasteful spikes, this device ensures that your hard-earned money is channeled toward what truly matters. StopWatt is more than a gadget; it’s a practical innovation that empowers individuals to take control of their energy consumption, providing both economic relief and peace of mind. As dirty electricity becomes a thing of the past and savings soar to new heights, StopWatt shows how technology can help us save money and take better care of our planet at the same time. Currently 50% off through this link.

Improve Meat Freezing Efficiency

Buying in bulk can be one of the best ways to save money while filling up your kitchen. If you make a habit out of buying ground meat, you can likely improve your efficiency by changing your freezing procedure. The majority of shoppers will simply throw their extra ground meat into the freezer without taking any extra precautions. If you’d like your frozen meat to remain accessible, consider flattening the meat as much as possible before freezing it.

Flattened meat will reduce de-thawing times. If you want to cook your meat right when you need it, consider this simple life hack!

Essential Phone Power Savior

Do you ever get a sinking feeling in your stomach when your phone battery hits the dreaded low percentage mark? You’re not alone! It can be a real bummer to be out and about, only to realize that your phone is about to die. But fear not, my friends! I have a life hack that will keep your phone charged up and ready to go whenever you need it.

Say hello to the ChargeCard! This nifty little gadget is about the size of a credit card, and it fits easily in your wallet or purse. But don’t let its small size fool you, because this thing packs a powerful punch when it comes to charging your phone.

The ChargeCard was such a hit on Shark Tank that the investors didn’t even hesitate to jump on board. And it’s easy to see why! With this little guy in your wallet, you’ll never have to worry about running out of juice. Just plug it into your phone, and voila! Your battery is back to full strength in no time.

Not only is the ChargeCard super handy to have on hand, but it’s also a lifesaver in emergencies. Imagine being stuck somewhere without a working phone…scary stuff! But with the ChargeCard in your wallet, you’ll always have a backup plan.

So if you’re someone who is constantly on the go and needs to keep their phone charged up, then the ChargeCard is an essential item. And the best part? You don’t have to sacrifice valuable real estate in your bag or pocket to carry it around. Just slip it into your wallet and forget about it until you need it. Check it through this link for 50% off.

Max Out Your Microwave

Whether you are cooking for multiple people or merely in a hurry, using the microwave can be a ton of help. Unfortunately, most microwaves can only fit a single bowl or plate on their revolving surfaces. If you are low on time and need to heat up multiple objects, consider using this simple layout.

By using a mason jar or other glass pieces of kitchenware, you can prop up the second container of food in your microwave. You will likely need to increase your cooking time to account for the extra food, so be careful not to bite into anything that’s still cold!

Beat Neck Pain The Easy Way With THIS Hack

Neck pain is a common problem that impacts millions of people. And I am one of them – for years, I couldn’t figure out an easy way to manage my work-related neck pain. I’d try self-massage at my desk, trips to the chiropractor, and even the healing hands of my wife. But nothing seemed to do the trick until I picked up the NeckRelax at a price that I couldn’t resist.

And I’m glad I picked it up because WOW it makes a huge difference. Though I’ve tried other items like these in the past, I loved the small nature of the NeckRelax – it looks like a comfortable set of headphones and three different modalities. These options helped produce the most substantial healing benefit for me and were more than worth the price I paid for it.

First of all, the deep infrared heat offered by this device helped to relax my aching neck and it can also help with circulation. And the different massage modes are ideal for different uses: great for people who love sports, and someone who has aches and pains on their neck. And the electro-frequency massages target specific muscles in a way that works.

Since the company is still new, they are currently offering 50% off by clicking here.

Organize Your Freezer the BEST Way

Do you find yourself regularly buying frozen veggies? Do you find your freezer overwhelmed by several half-opened frozen food bags from past shopping trips? If you want to organize your freezer while maintaining its accessibility, consider using this life hack!

Purchase a collection of sturdy paper clips/chip bag seals for use in your freezer. As you can see in the picture, you can seel your frozen veggies while keeping them off of the surface of the freezer. Not only will you stop your food from accidentally being spilled, but you will also make your freezer appear larger than ever!

Destroy Gross Bacteria Breeding On Your Toothbrush

Most people store their toothbrushes in the bathroom and don’t give it a second thought. But if you stop and think about it, it’s pretty gross. Toothbrush bristles are the perfect warm, moist spot for bacteria and dust to settle and grow. And the place in your house with the most harmful bacteria is, you guessed it, your bathroom!

Bril is a toothbrush protective case that uses a 360-degree UV light on your toothbrush to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

All you have to do to use Bril is place your toothbrush in the case and close the lid. Bril will automatically turn on and sterilize your toothbrush after each use. Each charge lasts 30+ days.

Need multiples? No problem, Bril comes in multiple colors so you can get different ones for each family member. Stop worrying about the bacteria from each toilet flush creeping into your toothbrush and protect your health with Bril. It really is brilliant!

Since the company is still new, they are currently offering 50% off by clicking here.


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